Strength and Fitness

Online Personal Coaching- Full Package $179 per month, No Contract

  • Personalized fitness and skill development programming for your specific goals, delivered to you via your included personalized app account
  • Full time accessibility to messaging between you and your coach to share photos, videos, work on form and technique together, and have open Q&A. Your coach will answer as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours with reasonable amounts of questions.
  • Topics can include but are not limited to: fitness training, strength and conditioning, general nutrition education, self-defense, equipment selection, and self-defense topics

Individual Programming $99 per month, No Contract

  • Personalized fitness plan for your specific goals Delivered to your phone through your included personalize app account
  • Monthly Assessment, Discovery and Programming to maximize results
  • Topics can include but are not limited to: fitness training, strength and conditioning, general nutrition education, self-defense, equipment selection, and self-defense topics


$29 Monthly, No Contract

Barbell, Strength, Size, Conditioning

  • Your own account on the TrainHeroic app and access to Team JACKED. You will get your workout delivered to your device daily, as well as a team chat to post videos, get feedback from me, and exchange help and encouragement with your teammates. 
  • Although I will chime in and you may be able to get help from your teammates, this is a self-guided program that runs in 4 to 8 week cycles covering strength, hypertrophy, endurance, work capacity and speed. You will not receive personalized programming, but will work along with a group of others that are working the exact same program as you using my well developed and thoroughly tested template programs. 
  • During this program you will have the opportunity to try multiple different types of programming from bodybuilding, powerlifting, strength and endurance, functional fitness and more, to learn what you respond to and enjoy the most! 
  • Required Equipment: Have or have access to, barbells, squat rack, adjustable benches, plates, dumbbells, bands.

Other Teams available, just ask!

“All my life, I have struggled to find a good weightlifting program. I have failed many times. But that changed when I started working with Varg. According to the DEXA scans I’ve taken 4 months apart, I have gained 25 pounds in mass, mostly lean. I have never been stronger, heavier, and physically content; it feels like a blessing. Varg has been attentive to my evolving needs including temporary loss in motivation, changes in personal schedule, and lifting form concerns. He helped me push towards new versions of myself that I never even saw in myself. I hope you can also experience your own personal potential by working with Varg.”

155lbs to 185lbs with little change in BFP in 6 months

“I have been following Varg’s general fitness program since July of 2018. I played sports and lifted weights through high school, but after getting through college and starting a family over the last few years, I had lost much of my physical strength and conditioning.

My body weight is currently 150lbs and my current three rep max on bench press is 200lbs, 300lbs on deadlift, and 245lbs on squats. These weights continue to climb, and I am able to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. My energy levels are good, and I feel strong in my daily life.

Before I started working with Varg I would download any program online that I thought “looked good” and go until my body and joints hurt so bad I had to stop. Because of Varg’s logical approach to programming, with a focus on longevity, I have regained the strength I once had, but with much less pain and a greater overall quality of life.”-Geoff M.

187lbs to 200lbs in 5 weeks

“One of my favorite parts of Varg’s training is how it is mission focused. With fitness, my mission is to continually improve my conditioning not only for the fight but also to improve my general overall health. Varg is able to push me to achieve new goals while doing so in a safe manner that will not cause unnecessary damage that I will pay for when I am older. I started the Discovery PDF program last December and have seen major improvements in strength, conditioning and feel better as a whole. For example, the amount I can squat and bench have more than doubled since I started a year ago. My goal has been strictly performance based and I have seen measurable improvements. The program is well structured and keeps me engaged to maximize my time in and out of the gym. I have not tried a vast amount of programs, but this one is affordable and has helped me reach my goals.” -Richard L