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I am available for one-on-one training at our private range in Central Florida, and online consulting also. Contact me directly for details.

NEW FOR 2023:

Full Immersion Training

Come to Daytona Beach Florida and train with me every day, all day, for 1 to 2 weeks.  You will live with me in my house and train, eat, work and learn with me 24/7 for the entire stay. Learn strength and fitness, striking technique and conditioning, firearm skills,  mindset and orientation, as well as real world skills like welding, fabrication and mechanics. The goal is to set you on a path of developing the mental toughness and intelligence to be a stronger, safer and more productive version of yourself. You will leave here refreshed and armed with an immense amount of knowledge about the important components of a well-rounded warrior: physical strength, self defense, nutrition, time management and discipline, mental toughness, and hard life skills that will make you more self-sufficient and profitable. All of this will happen in one of the most famous and beautiful vacation spots in the U.S. just minutes away from the ocean beaches. 

  • Enjoy the sunrise over the ocean waves with morning runs on the beautiful ocean beaches of Florida’s east coast. 
  • Learn from my nearly 30 years of experience in the theory and application of proper barbell technique and strength programming to apply to your individual needs. We will work daily both with classroom type work and actual training where I will teach you correct form and give you a solid foundation for professional level strength training. We will also discuss nutrition and supplements including the ins and outs of PED’s, TRT and more. 
  • Learn the art of striking for self defense and how to design and maintain a conditioning program that will prepare you to go the distance with an attacker. If you are ready there will also be opportunities to spar with myself or other local fighters to give you some real world experience. 
  • Train outside with me in my personal backyard gym in the beautiful Florida sunshine. My gym is fully outfitted with a squat rack, bench, pull up bar, deadlift platform, drag sled, reverse hyper, full striking bag rack with multiple bags of all types, farmers carry handles, jump ropes, bands, air bike, dumbbells, bumpers and competition plates and more. You will learn how to set up a fully functional home gym and how to design your programs to achieve the highest level of results for your efforts. Of course, it all applies to using a commercial gym or boxing gym as well. 
  • Train on a completely private shooting range one-on-one with me for pistol and carbine work for concealed carry and home defense. I retired from traveling nationally to train weapons, so this is one of the few opportunities left to work with me. We will cover advanced safety, marksmanship, movement with weapons, and dealing with structures and managing shapes in armed CQB. Weapons training will culminate into a force-on-force training using UTM man marker ammunition to simulate real gunfighting situations. 
  • Learn a real world skill with welding. You will learn how to MIG and TIG weld in my outfitted garage shop on site. You will have the opportunity to complete a small to medium sized project for yourself to take home and use if you wish, or just use my materials to add another skill to your capabilities. You will leave with enough knowledge and experience to set up your own hobby welding and fabrication shop and teach yourself forward, which will save you time and money on choosing and setting up the right equipment from the start. (Other skills can be covered such as small construction, mechanics and vehicle maintenance, motorcycle building and repair, and more). 
  • Private mindset discussions every day: Learn directly from me in nuanced detail the topics that I cover in Violence of Mind and Beyond OODA, including dealing with adversity, how to push through when tragedy happens, rebuilding a stronger orientation for living a safer life and having better relationships, understanding criminal mindset (with field trips to sketchy areas for observation and learning). 
  • Professional development: I will mentor you on every nuance of how I went from a youth of poverty, violence and prison and then transformed that into a life that I designed and now live on my own terms, with my experiences and failures of business ventures until I finally got it right. I will show you what worked, what failed, and why I make the decisions that allow me to control my own freedom on a daily basis. These conversations will happen the entire time you are here, whether it be while we are working or while relaxing with a margarita and a good cigar on the beach. 

If you are interested in applying for this program please contact me at for details and to begin the vetting process.