Knowledge – Fitness – Defense

In over 25 years working in various areas of instruction–violence educator, gunfighting and weapons instructor, fitness and weightlifting coach–I have developed a training system that is based around the trifecta of development: knowledge, fitness and defense. All three are necessary and each one encompasses even more within itself.

It’s not just about being strong, or being ready to fight. It’s about being all of that while becoming a better human. Live strong, live long, defend what you love and add something positive to this world.

Schedule 2020

Due to COVID, the schedule was wiped and is being revamped as facilities begin to open. I appreciate your patience as I intend to bring training back with new vigor due to the legitimate need brought about by the deterioration of our society and our safety in the U.S.

Oct 24-25 Force-on-Force CQB Solo, Partners and the Public, Alliance, Ohio

Private Lessons for firearms, defensive training and fitness training are available in the Ocala, FL area by appointment.